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July 5, 2004

Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you all know
that I have chosen to take a MUCH needed break
from my site and Sims related stuff. I will be back
the end of August after my children go back to school,
but it has been very difficult to keep up with my site and
also being a Mom to two two boys while they are out of 
school for the summer. So I hope you all have a great
summer (or winter for my friends down under) and I will
return the end of August.




June 19, 2004

Well, I apologize for the lack of updates,

but as most of you already know my site was

down for a little over a week. Also RL has

been very crazy with some very personal issues

that have come up. I just appreciate your patience

through all this. I am hoping to have a new update

very soon. As you can see, there is a new look to the

site. I am able to do this by all the time I spend

taking great online courses for PSP and just doing

some stuff on my own. I created these pages myself

and I am hoping in the near future to start creating

web sets for downloading. Anyway, be on the look out

for a new update soon!




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