This page is dedicated to my wonderful affiliates.
Below you will find not only links to their sites,
but short stories about how I became affiliated
with each wonderful site.

Wall to Wall Sims was my first affiliate. Wendy,
the owner of this great site was a member of my
Yahoo Group and she is the reason I even attempted
to open my own site. She told me that if I started
my own site she would like to be an affiliate. I took her
up on that offer and not only has she been a great
affiliate, she has helped me tremendously with getting
my site looking the way I want it to. She has helped
with HTML and she has taught me to use Front Page
so I can create these web pages for you. Wendy creates
beautiful objects, walls, floors and skins.

(This GREAT site unfortunately has closed. I will miss you!!)

Natsky's Super Sim Shoppe became my next affiliate
soon after Wall to Wall Sims. I had been an admirer
of Natsky's wonderful creations and I had written to
her letting her know how much I enjoy her site, I had
invited her to visit my site because I use a lot of her
objects in my houses. She did and then she asked if I
would like to become affiliates and I was honored. Of
course, I said yes. Besides the fact that we both have
the Sims addiction in common, we both LOVE
Sponge Bob as well! LOL!!! Natsky's site has
wonderful objects, sets, walls, floors and some skins as

Ines' Sim Bakery was next to join my list of affiliates.
I saw an update on a "finds" site that she had done
and I HAD to go see her site for myself. I just loved
what she had on her site. No other site has strictly
food items for our hungry Sims, and the cool thing
about her food is the Sims really can eat them, what
more can we ask for? So I had to write to her and
let her know how much I enjoyed what she did and
I started using her yummy goodies in my houses and
thought it would be a good idea to ask her if she would
consider affiliation. I must say she wanted to think about
it, but she decided to and it's been a good friendship

Then I met a wonderful lady through her site, Sim
Junction. This site is one of my favorites. I was in
contact with Sandy frequently to let her know I enjoyed
what she did. I used almost all of her objects in my houses
so I invited her to first visit my Yahoo Group and then
when I opened my site, I asked her for her affiliation
and she agreed! Her site has incredible objects, walls,
floors, houses and great build objects. She also has
a new site that has her beautiful graphics. You can
get that link on my home page. I thank Sandy for
creating most of the graphics you see on this site.

I "met" Shawna from Southern Rose Sims next. I
was a member of Cherokee Rose Forum and I had
posted on the forum and I got a message from Shawna
who is the moderator of the forum and she was SO
sweet and told me how she liked my houses and asked me
if I would consider being an affiliate of hers. I said yes.
Shawna has also helped me out with some wonderful
graphics. You will see her graphics on my site quite
frequently. Her site consists of great objects, sets, walls,
floors and some tasty themed sets. Well worth the visit.

Now here's a story for you! The way I got to know
Kate from Parsimonious is, I had noticed on one of
the forums that "Parsimonious WebMistress" had
nominated my site (my little site) for best houses. I
was shocked that she even knew my little site exsisted.
I had seen her objects on different "finds" sites and
had thought she was a great object creator and way
out of my league. So I had to write to her and thank
her for nominating my site and I also decided to
ask her if she would consider affiliation. She asked
her "crew" and they all agreed. Kate has helped me
a lot like my other affiliates. I have her to thank
for this new host. If it wasn't for her, I may never
got the chance to re-open with my own new domain
name! Thank you Kate for your help and patience.
Parsimonious has some great things to include objects,
sets, walls, floors, and lots and lots of goodies.

After parsimonious, I had made up my mind to not
take on any more affiliates at this time. I felt I had
6 great ones already, but little did I know that my friend
Holly had opened her own site. I "met" Holly through
my Yahoo Group. She had written to me several times
about my houses and she mentioned she liked to create houses
using a blueprint from real houses. I had two blueprints and
I asked her if she would mind creating the houses on the
blueprints. She took on the task and I must say, she did
an excellent job. Although, I lost those houses when my
game crashed (cry). So when she opened her own site
and she asked me to be her affiliate, I had to say yes!
So please take a moment to check out her houses. She
does a great job!

I got a great Christmas gift. On December 22, 2003
I was asked by a very special lady to be affiliated with
her site. As before with M & P Sim Realty, I had
no real plans to have another affiliate, but I had joined
SIMply British Living Forum and through there I met
a very nice and sweet lady named Joycey. She is the 
Administrator of the Forum and we had been chatting 
off and on and today she asked me to become affiliates.
Knowing what a GREAT job she does on her houses
(maybe she can give me some tips!) I felt totally honored
so I accepted. So if you are one of the few that has not
yet seen the houses at SBL, you need to get over there
because I guarantee you will be impressed. Welcome
Joycey and SBL!

(Another GREAT site and affiliate that has closed. *CRY*)

Once I found out that two of my GREAT, SUPERB affiliates
were closing their doors due to some RL issues, I have decided to
take on a couple more affiliates. So I got a darling e-mail from
Angela who owns AED Sim Designs asking if I would want to
become affiliates with her site. I went and took a look and really 
liked what I saw. It is a very well maintained site and has some
very nice walls, floors and objects, along with some houses as well.
I really didn't need to think it over, I knew by her e-mail and by
how well she took care of her site that I would be honored to have
her as my newest affiliate. So I would like to say, Welcome to the
Kat House Angela. I look forward to many years of affiliation.


So, as you can see, each one of my affiliates
are different from one another, but they all
have incredible qualities that make me so
honored to have each one as my affiliate. I
don't think any other site has as great of affiliates
as I do. Thank you to each one of you and I look
forward to years of friendship and affiliationship! (LOL!)