I have had many people write to me and I always think
to myself, no one really knows too much about "Kat"
so I have decided to create a page about me. This will
tell you a little about who I am, how I got started
building houses for the Sims and why I do what I do.
So hopefully when you write to me or come visit my site
you can get a little better image of who I am. Maybe some day
if I can get a decent picture of myself, I will put that up too.

Well, I think you all know, my name is Kat. That is short
for Kathie, which is short for...well, that part doesn't matter!
I am not thrilled AT ALL about my real name. I am 34 years
old (now keep in mind I did add this page 12/28/03). I am happily
married to my hubby of 8 years. We have two beautiful sons;
Michael is my oldest, he is 8 and Orion (like the constallation Orion)
who is 3 almost 4. I live in Colorado, about 65 miles south of Denver.
I have lived here all my life, and am so ready to move some place else.
Don't get me wrong, it is beautiful here. The mountains are gorgeous
and the air is so crisp and fresh, but when you have been stuck in the
same city and state all your life, you just have this need to go see
what you're missing. My hubby loves it in Colorado. He's originally
from Houston, Texas but the Army brought him to Colorado
and he has made this home now. I have 2 cats (I love cats), a dog,
a betta fish (Orion named "Swimmy") a catfish (Michael named
Timmy), a African water frog (I named appropriately Kermit)
and 2 hermit crabs: Crawly (thanks to Michael) and Mr. Krabs
(thanks to Sponge Bob! LOL!!!).

Now, about how I started creating houses for the Sims: I bought
"The Sims" about 6 years ago. My hubby is the one that got me
playing The Sims. he told me he heard about this game and thought
it would be something I would get into. Well, I loaded it onto
my computer and I must admit, I did not like it. I thought "how
in the world can anyone like this game?" So I put it away
and about a year later, I decided to give it another try, that's
when I really started to enjoy playing the game. I was so new at it, I had no clue about the fact a person could download objects, walls,
floors and houses for the game. Then finally one day I decided to
check out the Sims site and that is when all the downloading frenzy began
I went crazy downloading, I found so many neat sites to get great stuff
and then I realized, I can build and design and decorate my houses.
I did that just for fun for my own use for about 2 years, then I
uploaded a few onto the Sims site and I noticed, people really
liked my houses, they were downloading MY creations. I was so excited
I decided to open my Yahoo Group. I got a great return from that, so
I decided to venture out on my own and start my own Web site.
Although I had some HUGE help from Wendy at Wall to Wall Sims.
I have also realized that creating these houses for all of you, it helps
keep me sane...or at least somewhat sane!

So in a nut shell, that is who I am! I have met some
Wonderful people through the Sims and I am so glad I now
have a host I can trust and am able to create these houses
for everyone to enjoy! I have 8 INCREDIBLE
affiliates that I would NOT give up for anything, so
through it all, I would not change a thing. I love you all!